Please be aware that orders being sent to Auckland may be significantly delayed in transit due to Auckland's current Alert Level 4 status. This is happening at the courier end and is beyond our control.

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Use this form to book a vaccination time. Note that you will need to wait in the pharmacy for 20 minutes after your vaccination.

MMR Vaccinations are free for anyone aged 16 to 29 years if you have not already had 2 doses of MMR vaccine as a child. If you are not sure if you were immunised it's OK to get immunised again.

Fiu Vaccinations will be available in the pharmacy in 2021 as follows:

  • Available for adults over 65 only from 14-20 April 2021 (free)
  • Available for adults over 65 and people under 65 with certain health conditions from 21-27 April 2021 (free)
    You can check if you have an eligible health condition here
  • Available for everyone 13 years and over from 28 April 2021 (charge applies if not eligible for government funding)

The Pharmacist Vaccinator will address any questions you may have about the vaccine, and go through a pre-vaccination checklist with you before your vaccination to make sure  there is no reason you should not have it. Note in particular that if you are in one of the priority groups for the Covid vaccine there needs to be a minimum 2 week gap between Flu and Covid vaccinations, and a 4 week gap between MMR and Covid vaccinations.

Please indicate which vaccination you wish to receive in the comments area when making your booking. 

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