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Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester

Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester
Maybe Baby measures oestrogen levels as they rise and fall every cycle to help predict and pinpoint your ovulation. Maybe Baby works by creating a highly-magnified image of your dried saliva that can show the tiny crystals caused by the high levels of oestrogen present around ovulation.

98% accurate when used properly


Use it anytime, anywhere 

Easy to use 

  • Convenient saliva test (no messy urine tests)
  • Lipstick sized, portable self-contained unit
  • Can be used any time of the day or month  

Fast and Accurate 

  • Helps pinpoint ovulation three to four days in advance
  • Results can be seen as soon as the saliva is dry (10-15 minutes)  

Value for money 

  • Re-usable day after day, month after month
  • There is nothing else to buy
  • No special maintenance required
  • Guaranteed for one year (conditions apply)

Maybe Baby can complement other methods of ovulation detection, such as basal body temperature tracking, cervical mucous testing and LH-testing/ OPK (urinary ovulation tests).  

Please note that there are NO products available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy, and not all women have peak oestrogen levels high enough to be detected with a Maybe Baby microscope. Maybe Baby is designed to improve the chances of conception, but may not be suitable for everyone. If in doubt, please speak to us, or your doctor before buying Maybe Baby.

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